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When you can’t Acclimatise : beyond Sacrifice or SolidarityOctober 16, 2018

I was still green, the early days of marriage and the struggle of the unfamiliar dynamics of life as a foreigner shadowed my movements. I was meeting a foreign friend and another foreign lady for tea in a city where coffee was the beverage of choice. I remember it was one of those times a circle closes, you hear about someone from various sides and finally you get to see their face and sit and chat and confirm or dispel the bridges your mind has made between information snippets.

From what I’d heard I was sitting with a lady who could not truly feel comfortable with the language even after years of study and multiple learning approaches, still she and her husband were called to name this city their home, and that tension isolated her. She turned to me during conversation in a moment of mutual recognition for our situations and asked, in so many words,- “what should we do?” Her eyes looked deep at me, awaiting my opinion on squaring the circle and I opened my mouth far too swiftly. (more…)

Choosing MateoSeptember 28, 2018

I have many memories of shuffling up to the raised platform at the front of church alongside the other children. Every now and then it was to be given something, a flower to take back to mum, something to distribute, hopefully edible, and once a year a book.

So when I heard that Anne Marie Gosnell was writing a kids ministry book for 5-8 year old’s my interest peaked. It’s a difficult age range to buy for, caught between religious fiction and picture storybooks. Hearing the full title: “Mateo’s Choice: Basic Discipleship for Children Ages 5 – 8”, I squirmed a bit at the use of the word discipleship, hoping the book wasn’t a glorified tract and I live in a land where that is certainly not a good thing.

Seasons : an updateSeptember 22, 2018

The long hot days of summer are dimming, the evening light lost now before bedtime curfew, the heat of the sun not nearly so bold. Seasons are very much part of how I’ve seen my life. Seasons named by locations where I’ve claimed a room, a bed, seats or title. We swim through most seasons, immersing ourselves in the surroundings and often neglecting to think of those on dry land as we concentrate of our strokes. We don’t see them as fleeting until they draw to a close. When they get tough we look for signs of seasons change, when they go well we fool ourselves into believing they won’t pass. Some seasons we get go of freely, others we try to cling to.

Today marks the official dawn of Autumn. It’s my favourite season of the year and I already long for crisp days and warm jumpers. This autumn is also the start of another season for me, the season of childcare. Releasing time to create and give back has been something I’ve not recognised as such a deep need in me until I saw it eroded by the patter of small feet. In the dawn of this season, with all it’s possibilities I’m obviously, joyfully, totally overloading myself.

So for those who read this blog to find out what I’m doing and how I’m ‘being a missionary‘ then here is a quick breakdown of the big projects I’m counting as ‘work’ as the leaves change this year.