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The Beach PackAugust 28, 2019

Summer dawned it’s sticky days and the time old call to sun and sand on the beach echoed through conversations. Some packs gather together quickly but this was a labor of love and snatched minutes over a busy summer.

Meet mum and her two children as they play in the sand, eat popsicles and lose things in the sea. this pack contains no pen control so feel free to pair it with your regular handwriting work.

Preschool Spring Pack

This Beach Preschool pack has an extended 15 pages of high colour activities and there is a freebie extra activity at the end of this post.

Each page has brief instructions and this pack includes a quick print guide too. 


Being realistic about screen timeJune 6, 2019

This evening Adam sat, pajama clad, perched on one of my knees, turning my ankle underneath it uncomfortably, but I wasn’t about to move. His fingers traced the un-illustrated words on the screen gripped by the description of the ninja’s that were moving towards our heroes. As a parent I knew I was going against so much medical advice but I wasn’t about to change a thing.


United Kingdom PackMay 31, 2019

Some packs I choose, and others choose us. We’ve not been in the UK since March but Adam had reason to revisit those memories at at his morning nursery group and so I made up a United Kingdom Preschool pack to follow through the theme at home. 

This pack covers various aspects from the double-decker buses, phone boxes and Queen at the tower of London to more specific aspects – the town crier of Wells and the crescent houses of Bath. It also has a couple of pages about Old London Bridge which inspired the nursery rhyme.

Preschool Spring Pack

I’ve not got photo’s of this pack in action sadly. though most pages are inspired by either books we’ve read or places we’ve seen.