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United Kingdom PackMay 31, 2019

Some packs I choose, and others choose us. We’ve not been in the UK since March but Adam had reason to revisit those memories at at his morning nursery group and so I made up a United Kingdom Preschool pack to follow through the theme at home. 

This pack covers various aspects from the double-decker buses, phone boxes and Queen at the tower of London to more specific aspects – the town crier of Wells and the crescent houses of Bath. It also has a couple of pages about Old London Bridge which inspired the nursery rhyme.

Preschool Spring Pack

I’ve not got photo’s of this pack in action sadly. though most pages are inspired by either books we’ve read or places we’ve seen.

This United Kingdom Preschool pack has an extended 15 pages of activities and there is a freebie extra activity at the end of this post.

Each page has brief instructions on and this pack includes a quick print guide too. 

Launching the pack is a letter match double-decker bus. Simply match the lower and upper case letters.

Another bus page but this time we have a dice activity – roll a dice and cover the corresponding person with a counter until every window is covered.

this logic page is a parent and child activity. Read the addresses from the various parcels and enveloped to find out which door the postman needs to deliver them to.

Another postal activity with our friendly postman is about number order. Cut out the various enveloped and packages and post them into the letterbox in order.

Old london bridge had many versions and some were covered in buildings. This page is inspired by that.

London Bridge will indeed fall down if all those holes are left unfilled, match the shapes and make it secure again.

A little game for the tower of London complete with a tally and tenframe dice. Help the Beefeater reach the queen.

This eye spy counting page gives you lots of oppertunity to talk about the interesting costume of the Beefeater,

We had the privillage of meeting the town crier of Wells in his distinctive green outfit. Here he’s at a scene from the community pack calling people…but who?

Shadow match activities are so simple yet loved. cut these out to make cards or use counters, string or even pencil lines to match.

If you kid is Lego crazy then they may like this page. search out all your red bricks and try to build a phone box. Place the bricks over the sheet or use as a guide.

We have always taught Adam to tell the time on an analogue clock. this one handed clock is a great introduction fro younger ages, all you need is a split pin.

Have you read ‘The queens handbag’ – we loved the book and I couldn’t resist a follow the line activity – what else could the queen find?

The first of 2 puzzles is for the Wells Town Crier – as usual these are the same size as the other packs if you are building a set.

A second puzzle completes the bundle, this time with a Beefeater from the Tower of London.

The pack freebie is a seat the person bus page. Slit along the base of the windows and slide the passengers in. This prints on 2 pages.


The Full Pack is available in both A4 and US letter by clicking on the button below.


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