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While CMS is Anglican, and that is where my theological history comes from, I embrace any church that can honestly say all of the major creedal statements (Biblical, Apostles & Nicene), as brothers in Christ. I celebrate the unity rather than pick at the division, and hold high the command that we should love one another and by this all men shall know that we are his disciples.

I am in no way financially supported by CMS


Hi, My Name is Kate

I’m a missionary living in Serbia, a wife and a mother, but most of all a child of the divine.

I’m part of the Church Mission Society (CMS) community, specifically a missionary associate.

When our baby goes to sleep or nursery, I blog about life, mission and preschooling my child or write material for my kidmin site Jesus without language.

I decided to write my own material kidmin back in 2011. Later when I started looking for Totschool resources for my son I realized I could use the same skills again and bless other parents with the material I was already using.

Kate My sites are 100% me, with inspiration and technical help from friends and family. I have a passion for writing and drawing original material but I also recognize when it’s best not to invest my time “reinventing the wheel”, so to speak.

I provide many resources freely, because I know there are those that need that. I charge for other resources as a way to boost my families income. I don’t want to create a financial barrier to any parent who may want the resources, if this speaks to your situation please do let me know.

contact me though the JWL site – LINK