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The sourceMay 23, 2019

The words are akin to old friends, faintly resonating with faded sermon points and plastic chair discussions, steeped in theology lectures and justified talk-points. This weary book has seem many days and it’s battered cover shows the scars of it’s journey. Yet, inside, the words shine bright back on the thin white sheets, words of promise, a treaty to unlock a lens of understanding, a viewpoint for the world beyond it’s pages.

Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God

Scripture peppers everyday in little ways, if colours conversations as we recall the attitude of Christ, it calls us to prayer as we meet the brokenness of situations around and it lifts us to praise as we fumble for words to thank our maker. Scripture quite literally draws the lines of my work. But slow methodical scripture study is something that I, like many, dip in and out of. 

As child I remember wanting a dog-eared and battered bible to reflect my long journey with God, my hours of devotion. The ‘old preachers’ type bible that betrays a real passion for scripture. A bible that told the story of scripture pondered over not simply devoured it as one would a novel or picked through it like a tin of mixed sweets – instead it’s words would seep into the air around and it’s melody never truly dim.

In reality some books get far more attention than others. Some verses need not be completed, for our ears have heard their song so many times, yet others are like newly found flower bulbs in rich soil. Not a lot of devotions push you into the genealogies or trail you through the passages deep in cultural context. So this year as I examined how to ‘begin’ afresh with bible reading I was drawn to groups that read books as a whole. 

It  takes exactly a year to read the New testament
a single chapter a day, weekdays only, 

Being influenced by bullet journaling beauty, I’ve made myself some bible trackers. Tracking my progress has helped me keep going, reminded me of what I’ve achieved when life disturbs and whispers failure, it’s given me a sense of completion I didn’t realize would be so satisfying

I’ve made up one page for the new testament, whereas I’ve split the old testament into 4 – the Pentateuch, Books of History, Poetry and lastly the prophets. They print beautifully on half a sheet of paper.

Below are 2 versions, one to compliment the family prayer journal and the other a little more whimsical. Click on either image of the New Testament for a sample 1 page pdf.

Follow the links below the version you would like for the corresponding files.

The Family Prayer Journal can be found through clicking on this image.

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