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When totschool changedMay 14, 2017

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Spring came, unfurling it’s opportunities to get out of the house and explore, it knocked our tot-school, upped our social life and lead letter Y and Z to spread their merge activities over more than a week each. With letter ‘Z’ now finished I thought I’d share the beautiful and unexpected continuation to our journey.

It started with a request from a friend, to take their little boy (6 months older than Adam) for the mornings. The first week was a steep learning curve, my language faltered, my children’s ministry mind wanted to plan activities, the boys were adjusting and the house suddenly felt rather small. Out came toys to be scattered, tot-school went out the window as alphabets were not shared, and my cupboard full of art materials was scoured with a shaken head more than once.

Adam is confident with his letters, numbers, shapes and colours after our first trip through the alphabet. So, with the days changing, I happily pressed the pause button on the ‘formal concept learning’ in favour of ‘skills learning’ to hone gross and fine motor skills, interactive play, turn taking, instructions, etc.

I’ve just finished week 2 of the two boys in the morning, we had a bit of a break between weeks, and this time I was prepared. I’d found loads of ideas and yet what transpired was setting up a 2 part activity morning. Free play with the addition of a play prompt followed by a table time activity and then outside time if the weather allowed, food and final bits before nap wrapped up out time together.

We’ll alternate weeks between having corporate play mornings and weeks of just our little family. I’m hoping the quieter weeks will still hold at least one play prompt of creative activity, perhaps with a concept learning slant. However, for the next fortnight we have grandparents visiting so no tot school or corporate play mornings.

I thought I’d share our weekday corporate play mornings activities in lieu of tot school for this week.

T+1 Monday 1T+1 Monday 1Monday

Our play prompt was a large line of paper across the coffee table and a few pens, it became a colourful assortment of scribbles. We also got out the play tent in the bedroom.

Our creative activity was therefore not on paper but with play-dough.


Our play prompt was the ball pit and tunnels that were laid out in the bedroom

Our creative activity was dot markers and a big pile of pre-printed do a dot pages.
T+1 Tuesday 1

T+1 Wednesday 1Wednesday

It rained today so we knew we would be stuck indoors. I don’t remember the play prompt but the boys were very hyperactive and so when the rain finally let up we went for a long walk.

Our creative activity was paint and chalk, we turned the easel so each child only did one at at a time.


Our play prompt was left until we went outside as the boys were playing happily with the toys they found, once outside we pulled out the ride on toys and set up a ribbon curtain to ride or walk through.

Our creative activity was to make flowers with sticky plastic, foam and tissue paper (original here)
T+1 Thursday 1T+1 Thursday 1

T+1 Friday 1T+1 Friday 1Friday

Our play prompt was supposed to be jigsaws but they didn’t last long so i grabbed the play kitchen instead which was a really big hit.

Our creative activity was to make paper butterflies with tongue depressors and leaf sequins for decoration. (pictured above too – Original here)


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