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The half birthdayApril 22, 2015

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For one so young every half birthday is a huge milestone, never more so than the first. Our baby reached his today, a full six months, twenty six weeks, half a year. In many ways we are a normal family, a mummy and daddy, a bouncing baby, a little house and a gaggle of friends. In many ways our lives are altered, the shared cultures, the skewed motivations, the oddness blending with the predictable. I am a missionary, a child of the divine, but the two men with whom i share a house, boys i am bound to, intertwined by bonds strong as blood and compelling as love, these are just my boys, and to them I am primarily mummy.

And mummy wanted pictures, pinterest perfect pictures with the same nappy he wore at three months, on the same black background, so she can do some clever editing one day. then why not a family portrait too. It was a predicable disaster, but that seems to be what mummyhood is about. There is a reason there are so many pregnancy boards on pinterest, they are the dreams, rarely the reality.

Today we’ll do what is so natural, look forward and backwards. Remember the fragile newborn and the misty memories of life before we knew of his existence. Dream of what we will do when propping turns to sitting, crawling, and running around. Pretty sure those dreams will be a pale reflection of what we actually do, but that’s the adventure.


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