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Summer reading 01June 25, 2018

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The summer solstice has passed and summer has officially begun. This year we have no flights booked. A whole summer stretches out before us, promising days of 40 and mosquito swarms, drippy ice-creams and festival music.

This summer I’m taking up a few mini challenges and the first is Amy Young’s reading challenge. So far, 2018 has been a year I’ve truly rekindled my love of reading. This simple alternative to a book club but with beautifully open categories and a mere 7 book target sounded perfect. The official challenge ends on August 17th so my hope is to read 7 books by then and continue to see how many more I can get through before summers official end on September 21st.

To add to the fun I am going to try doing the whole challenge on a budget of less than £10. I already have a kindle unlimited subscription so if I can find a suitable title through that then the book is counted free!

Off we go…..

Book number 1
Title : ‘Fit to Burst: Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of Motherhood’ by Rachel Jankovic.
Cost : £0.00 (kindle unlimited)
Category : 5 or 13
(A book recommended by a friend / A book by someone you might not spiritually agree with)
Date finished : 24th June
Three word summery : faithful, fulfilling, obedience
Sentence summery : A level headed but heavily christian view of Motherhood as a calling, specifically a calling to serve.
Book 1

This was a blissful, funny, head-nodding yet at times painful book to read. It came across as deeply insightful and gem encrusted. The first 7 chapters are pure amazing, I highlighted heavily. But then chapter 8 dawned and I quite literally wanted to throw the device across the room. Here the author shows her central theology is one of seeing her service to her husband as her service to Christ, que a lot of submissive/obedience talk and inferences about households where wives challenge their husbands wishes. Because this view is so central to her approach if you don’t see eye to eye you will find yourself highlighting whole paragraphs with excitement and then rolling your eyes with the next words. That said, her level headed approach to things like parenting fads are worth the few pages that were a slog, and her gentle yet firm words will challenge you to re-examine held perspectives.

God keeps giving me this to do , because this is what He wants me doing . If this is what He wants me doing , then I will do it with my whole being . He gave me the work ; I will not back away from it and say it isn’t important .

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