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Selling outFebruary 10, 2016

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I’m going to do it tomorrow

My kids ministry website – Jesus without language – has been a constant work in progress since it’s first incarnation at the beginning of 2011. Every year I’m trying new ideas. I’ve tried adding video’s and even a game, I’ve reformatted, redesigned and revamped some lessons multiple times. I’ve also taken things away, like the said videos, and just this week I’ve done some major pruning!

There has always been one steady necessity, that the material is freely available, not hidden behind any payment walls or subscription needs. It’s been great to offer to the world of kids ministry, school teachers, kids groups and homeschoolers the doodling and musings, paper creations and craft explosions that’s come over the last 5 years, nothing can diminish that. Sadly distinguishing between free and freely available is a constant battle lost. The donate button is seldom used considering the demand.

The one think I kept returning to, kept being bough back to, was making the material publish worthy. I’d tinkered with the idea, made a few trials… frankly, it was just so much work. People could just build the lesson from the parts I provided anyway, couldn’t they? The idea wouldn’t die though.

Eventually I embraced it. I sold out? I’ll put something behind a payment wall, sort of, not really, kinda… OK I didn’t sell out at all, I just figured I’d help all those people who could afford to be lazy! Because ultimately that’s what this was, it was a tool for people to be lazy with, a lovely pretty layout that would print nicely so they didn’t have to juggle papers. It wasn’t needed and I wasn’t holding anything back by putting a minimum donation price on it.

The more I pondered the more the idea rooted itself. I had been given a talent and I must be prudent and wise in it’s stewardship. I must take account of human nature, of the belief that the whole internet is free as long as you hunt hard enough. I must acknowledge that God has given me this talent as a way of survival, to bless but also to be blessed with. I must see these keyboard taps and glue sticks just as Paul saw his tent canvass and needles. Even if it fails I must try, because this idea really doesn’t want to die.

I’m going to hit publish tomorrow – I’m sorta terrified.


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