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Playing with Bing Bunny- Part 1July 24, 2016

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Our little one loves, loves, LOVES Bing Bunny.
Now that may sound odd as Bing is not exported to our part of the world at all, it’s an import we’ve chosen and encouraged him to foster. Like all early obsessions, after watching ad nauseum any parent could be forgiven for shuddering at the title music. So, like the good youth worker I was, I adapted.

Bing Bunny MatchIn the episode ‘Lunchbox’ Bing is seen at Ammar’s creche playing a matching game. The word “match” is echoed again multiple times in the following story line. Matching is a great learning activity and one we’d love to foster in our little Bingster.

As he’s only just starting to to discover matching we began with some pair cards. I made up 8 character cards (Bing Bunny, Flop, Coco, Sula, Charlie, Pando, Arlo the cat and Hoppity Voosh). We played first with just 4 and slowly added in the extra sets over time.

PairsThe game we play varies
1) Mummy holding out the card to be matched.
2) Mummy calling out the name and him finding both cards.
3) All the cards are faced down and matches are found as we turn all of them over.

What we are doing is cementing the concept and word ‘match’. It’s a concept that’s central to much further learning. He loves it. Evident as he proudly runs to show his matching achievements to his daddy on the other side of the room.

We are not quite at the stage to move on yet, but when we do I hope to play the fruit and vegetable game from Bing.

In an effort to be prepared I went on the hunt for graphics. I found these free graphics from vector art box that worked a treat. Unlike the smaller 1/8 of a page pair cards, the fruit ones are a bit chunkier with four on a page, spread over 3 pages. Using the printers poster setting spread the background over 4 pages – luckily it fitted an old picture board we had laying about.

Sharing is caring so feel free to download and use the fruit and vegetable game!. (DOWNLOAD LINK)


Obviously not sharing the pair cards as I hold no rights to the graphics, but happy to share them privately via e-mail – “Kate ( at ) gfeef . co . uk”, just pop ‘Bing’ in the title.


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