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Last week (2)June 14, 2015

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The weekend is upon us and looking back I can barely believe we are here already. So without further dilly dallying here are some things we’ve just loved this week!

This has been the week of establishing a new sleep pattern for us – Adam now sleeps for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day, and has another sleep in the early evening. It’s been wonderful for getting a bit of work done, but it’s also backfired occasionally and we end up with a grumpy sleep deprived child all day!

I’m loving my quiet times. I’m not partaking of the weekly church ritual right now and found myself yearning to hear a good sermon. Then I came across ‘A sermon for every Sunday‘ – these short lectionary based video sermons are just wonderful and exactly what I needed.

Adam is loving sitting and exploring. We have long enjoyed putting him in his pram top with a bundle of toys, but his increased stability and first attempts at moving made us decide it’s time for the floor too. Our floors are rather hard and cold so we created a play area. Turned out one packet was not enough and it was finally completed last night – after gluing the pop out pieces in place, in all 20 tiles!

This is the week of cut off t-shirts and fabric nappies. We even met someone selling fabric nappies in the centre on Friday evening and had a good chat about microfibre and bamboo! Vaguely related to the fabric is our pushchair’s mosquito cover. This odd looking net is brilliant. My arms have two huge swollen patches from mosquito’s and every time we leave the house I’m worried Adam will soon sport the same.

Finally, we’ve lived in this house for 2 years but with Adam coming along we’ve discovered our neighbours a few doors down. They also have a little one and we finally went over and sat in their garden this week. New friends are great to make and being so near is a blessing.


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