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Last week (1)May 12, 2015

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Tuesday morning has dawned and with the weekend now well and truly past, and the work week embarked upon, I’m emptying the camera and spending 20 minutes reflecting on the week. Here’s a quick round-up.

Last week it got hot, we went from being criticised by passers by for having Adam’s skin exposed to the sun, to being criticised for coving him up. With the 30°C mark hit, our air-conditioner was working hard to keep the house at 25. Adam is sitting like a pro and eating like a trooper. I got a new wand blender this week, it’s fabulous and perfect for making Adam’s food. The doctor advised us to get him onto 2 meals a day, eventually replacing his 2nd feed with sweet and 4th with savoury. It’s not a schedule I’d come across before but Adam is taking to it well, though he still wants his milk after. I finally feel less daunted by the process of weaning.

42Thursday we were supposed to join some extended family members for their slava. First Zeljko had a medical appointment to keep, I suppose it’s predictable that it over-ran. After 2 hours sitting in the heat (just to be told there is nothing detectable) he cancelled plans. I carted Adam off to the shopping centre to get him out and meet daddy half way for a drink. Lo and behold we were not to remain alone, after bumping into a very unexpected friend another came to join us. Soon we were eating fast food and playing in a racing car!

074We went visiting friends for the weekend. This meant lots of hugs from non-parents for Adam, a lot of relaxing for mummy, great food and lots of conversations. Saturday night we dined out and I finally got a photo of the limited edition glass coke bottles, the way they have Serbian-ised the bottle is classic. It used to irritate the sense out of me how they rewrite names phonetically, but as I grow used to the strengths and weaknesses of this culture I find them less disrespectful and more amusing. A lot about being cross cultural is recognising that your values are really cultural and therefore more fluid than you may imagine.


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