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Grub grub – Part 2 : bottlesMay 9, 2015

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I love our chunky bottles, and munchkin loves facing the room while he eats! Bottles are one of those essentials that even the ‘earth mama’ type people know they will have to get eventually. As you know, bottles entered earlier than I would have hoped, I placate myself by knowing many contained expressed milk in the early weeks.

Whether I expressed, decanted, or mixed up there were plenty of googling moments. Follow the guidelines and it will take you over half an hour to make one – with a screaming baby… oh yeah! – we ended up using the prefilled with water to 80% workaround, but there are plenty of others out there to discover. Then there is the minefield of seterilising methods and the joys of add-ons. For my pennies worth, get the handles and the powder pots, they are VERY worth it. I’m also glad ours are all interchangeable, it’s the little things you know!

The powder is horrifically high priced, a box will only last 4 days. Think we’ve tried about 7 different types now, and while they are all essntially and legally quite similar, it doesn’t feel that way. The best thing about formula is the guidelines for amounts, you can deviate from them as much as you dare, yet their presence is really helpful if you don’t have a midwife on speed dial.

Overall, bottles are both essential and great, they negate the two big uncertaintiess of breastfeeding – Did they get enough? + How long should I continue? – Plus, they throw in modestly and the ability to hand your child to someone else. And this is true weather you express religiously or hang the cost and pour straight from the fridge. The only thing to remeber is to change out the teats as they get bigger, not that we forgot…oops.

Washing the bottles each morning is now as much part of our daily ritual as putting the washing machine on at night. When we are off out we grab a pre loaded powder pot and a topped up bottle. It’s not the natural mother way, hang that, it’s our way and it keeps us smiling.


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