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We all respondJune 14, 2020

The dominoes fell quickly on the Covid19 change, we all struggled to adapt, some seem to get ahead of the curve and others feel like they are dragging in perpetual catch-up forever. I ended up spending my last 3 months doing one mamoth project.

As the world debated and crunched to a halt around us my instinct was to jump into bridging the kids ministry gap. The sudden loss of family, freedom, ability to socialize, workplace and home comforts was all old news to my psyche. I’d even celebrated Easter isolated from other believers before. I’d learnt how to make a half decent bread loaf and how to substitute foods that my hands couldn’t find. It was a familiar story across missionary families, we adapt, we know what it’s like to shift cultures in a few hours. It blessed us now, we could step in quickly.


An Experiment to Remember : ReviewNovember 1, 2019

Advent, that month long waiting, is a time many choose to do something special and it’s no surprise the internet is awash with ideas. From paper-chains with the names of Christ on each to to ornate and expensive daily ornaments, all ideas designed to build up until the day we can sing that Christ has come and Emmanuel is held by a humble carpenter and his teenage bride. Last year I did prompt cards (over on JWL) but I was also privileged to get a copy of “An Experiment to Remember”. (more…)

Being realistic about screen timeJune 6, 2019

This evening Adam sat, pajama clad, perched on one of my knees, turning my ankle underneath it uncomfortably, but I wasn’t about to move. His fingers traced the un-illustrated words on the screen gripped by the description of the ninja’s that were moving towards our heroes. As a parent I knew I was going against so much medical advice but I wasn’t about to change a thing.